The CICRP provides assistance in support of conservation-restoration efforts to public institutions in the cultural heritage sector across its various areas of expertise: contemporary art and materials, works on paper, written cultural heritage, easel paintings, wall paintings and stone.

The CICRP is also ideally equipped to receive paintings on all supports for study and restoration from the collections of public institutions and heritage sites, including but not limited to paintings in very large formats and works on paper. These works are entrusted with independent restorers selected by the contracting authorities in accordance with the principles set forth in the Code du Patrimoine (French legislation on cultural heritage).

Storage of works

Storage of works.
Photo by Yves Inchierman.

Whether offering assistance beyond its walls or receiving works in its own laboratory and workshops, the CICRP uses its expertise, its equipment and its facilities to safeguard all these cultural creations so that they may be enjoyed by future generations.

Assistance provided to contracting authorities

Contracting authorities may enlist the services of the CICRP to analyse a situation and identify its challenges in terms of conservation-restoration, to prepare an overall assessment and to draw up a set of recommendations relating to methodology in particular. The CICRP may also provide end-to-end support to contracting authorities for their conservation-restoration projects. (See the Assistance provided to contracting authorities page to learn more about the CICRP’s services in this area).

Facilities for the restoration of works of art received at the CICRP

The CICRP coordinates all stages in the restoration of each work received on its premises, in close collaboration with the contracting authority and the selected restorer. The latter is given full access to the CICRP’s equipment and scientific documentation. (See the Facilities for restorers page to learn more about the CICRP’s offerings in this area).

Painting under glass

Restoration of a painting under glass.
Photo by Yves Inchierman.

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Page last updated on 1 September 2013.

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